Tips for our BRRave Plungers

Thank you for being a BRRRave Plunger! You and many others brave plungers have raised nearly $12,000 so far!  The plunge is in just a few weeks. We still have a way to go to reach the $20,000 goal.

Please read on for some easy tips on how to boost your pledges and win great prizes!

Because Sport Matters

If each plunger raised $500 each, the 2020 Polar Plunge would be the most successful EVER!

Your pledges help Special Olympics athletes across Nova Scotia train hard, achieve their personal best and build an incredible community around them of coaches, volunteers and fellow athletes. Some of these amazing athletes just returned from the National Winter Games in Thunder Bay!

Use the Power of FaceBook to Get Donations

Halifax Polar PlungeIn just a few simple steps, you can use the power of FaceBook to create an easy place for friends and family near and far to donate to your plunge page! And even better, 100% of the pledges go to Special Olympics because FaceBook does not charge a fee.

  1. Start a new post on FaceBook and click on the Feeling/Activity button
  2. Scroll down to Supporting
  3. Type Special Olympics Society of Nova Scotia in the search box and select it from the list
  4. Choose a cover image and add your personal message
  5. Click Create and choose your sharing options to spread the word!

It’s so Easy to Collect Pledges
Try our 10-Day Plan:

Day 1 Sponsor yourself for $25 $25 $25
Day 2 Ask 3 family members to match your donation of $25 $75 $100
Day 3 Ask your best friend to sponsor you for $25 $25 $125
Day 4 Ask your boss for a contribution of $25 $25 $150
Day 5 Ask 5 local friends to sponsor you $10 each $50 $200
Day 6 Ask 5 out of town friends to sponsor you $10 each $50 $250
Day 7 Ask 5 businesses you frequent (barber, salon, dry cleaner, dentist, restaurant) to sponsor you $10 each $50 $300
Day 8 Ask 5 co-workers to sponsor you $10 each $50 $350
Day 9 Ask 5 neighbours to sponsor you $10 each $50 $400
Day 10 Ask 10 people from your social club/church/temple, etc to sponsor you $10 each $50 $500

Remember to share with your friends and family that they are helping to provide valuable year-round sport training and competition for over 2,500 Nova Scotian children and adults with an intellectual disability. Plus donations $20 and over will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Did we mention the #free hot coffee and hot chocolate?

Free Goodies for Plungers!

Every Plunger gets a cozy Polar Plunge Toque. And there’s more:
Raise $150: Receive a warm Polar Plunge Towel
Raise $250: Receive an entry into a very special prize draw and a Polar Plunge Towel
Raise $500: All of the above and receive your registration for free (general public)

There will also be a fabulous prize for the Top Fundraiser. More details to come!

Building a lifetime of sport and health

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