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Tips for our BRRave Plungers

Thank you for being a BRRRave Plunger!

Please read on for some easy tips on how to boost your pledges and win great prizes!

Because Sport Matters

Your pledges help Special Olympics athletes across Nova Scotia train hard, achieve their personal best and build an incredible community around them of coaches, volunteers and fellow athletes.

It’s so Easy to Collect Pledges
Try our 10-Day Plan:

Day 1 Sponsor yourself for $25 $25 $25
Day 2 Ask 3 family members to match your donation of $25 $75 $100
Day 3 Ask your best friend to sponsor you for $25 $25 $125
Day 4 Ask your boss for a contribution of $25 $25 $150
Day 5 Ask 5 local friends to sponsor you $10 each $50 $200
Day 6 Ask 5 out of town friends to sponsor you $10 each $50 $250
Day 7 Ask 5 businesses you frequent (barber, salon, dry cleaner, dentist, restaurant) to sponsor you $10 each $50 $300
Day 8 Ask 5 co-workers to sponsor you $10 each $50 $350
Day 9 Ask 5 neighbours to sponsor you $10 each $50 $400
Day 10 Ask 10 people from your social club/church/temple/mosque to sponsor you $10 each $50 $500

Remember to share with your friends and family that they are helping to provide valuable year-round sport training and competition for over 2,500 Nova Scotian children and adults with an intellectual disability. Plus donations $20 and over will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Free Goodies for Plungers! More details to come!

Building a lifetime of sport and health

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More than 60 Trucks Registered!

We are thrilled to announce that we have more than 60 drivers and trucks registration for the Convoy to date! With the event just one month away, we are hoping to see a big jump in this number in the coming weeks.

If you have already registered for the Convoy – Thank you! If not, please see the link to register on this page. Please come back to the site often for ongoing updates and driver information. We are encouraging drivers to register and pay through the online system this year to minimize cash handling on site.

To learn more about the Truck Convoy and to register a truck today visit

The 2020 Convoy is Designed to be a Safe Event!

We are very excited to let you know that plans for the 2020 Convoy in support of Special Olympics Nova Scotia are well underway.  We have an active and enthusiastic Steering Committee have an event plan that meets all the health and safety requirements outlined by Nova Scotia Public Health.

Highlights of the 2020 Convoy include:

  • Plan to arrive a little later this year, registration will open at 8:00 am!
  • The Convoy will start at CFB Shearwater
  • Registration/Check-In will be offered right in your parking area
  • Washrooms and hand wash stations will be available in your parking area
  • Music, announcements and information will be provided in all parking areas
  • There will be no large group gathering in the Hangar this year
  • Your refreshments will be provided in your driver goody bag, your meal will be offered as a voucher to be used on Convoy day or at a later time of your choosing
  • When you complete the Convoy route you will simply drive on, no post event gathering
  • More details to follow!

To learn more about the Truck Convoy visit

Top Fundraiser Prize

Check out this Halifax Mooseheads prize package

Mooseheads prize package for Halifax Polar Plunge 2020A signed game worn jersey and a signed hockey stick will go to the Top Individual Fundraiser at the #HalifaxPolarPlunge! 🏒💦❄️

Who might be the Top Individual Fundraiser? Check out the leaderboard here.

Help your favourite BRRRave plunger win this prize by donating to their pledge page  today!

A fundraiser in support of Special Olympics Nova Scotia
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Get the very latest updates on the the Halifax Polar Plunge at FaceBook and Twitter. We throw shout-outs to all the plungers as they register. Find your favorite BRRRave #PolarPlunger and share the posts! You’re helping share the message of #SpecialOlympics every time you like and share.

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Teams – You Get a Special Rate!

Register your team today – as many team members as you can DARE! Be BRRRave! Register Your Team Name Here and Take the Plunge in March – Register Today! No limit to the team members! And for teams that raise $150 per member in pledges, you will each get a free exclusive Polar Plunge towel!

Join the other teams from across Nova Scotia who are BRRRave enough to plunge for Special Olympics Nova Scotia Athletes.

Why Polar Plunge?

When so many people dress up is some of the most imaginable outfits possible and queue up to jump slide into  ice water on a day where the thermometer is reading less than WARM, you can’t help but ask yourself WHY?


WHY would someone choose to expose themselves to such great discomfort?  The elements are one thing, the aftershock of hitting that water and then climbing out onto a ladder and exiting the pool as you run 500 feet to change into something warm, is another.


And that reason is the over 2500 Special Olympics athletes in Nova Scotia that are enrolled in Special Olympics programs.  For the athletes, and their families, Special Olympics is not just sport.  It is the one constant they know will always be present in an uncertain world.  A constant where you can relate to peers and your child is accepted unconditionally.  Where everyone can relax and feel at ease in all conditions.

Prize winners - best costumes

The very first year,  the Nova Scotia Law Enforcement Torch Run (NSLETR) wanted to do something to help further the efforts of Special Olympics in Nova Scotia.  Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the NSLETR Zone 1 members and local support, on March 4th 2017 we executed the 1st Annual Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Nova Scotia. With our dedicated plungers, we now raise an average of $20,000 annually for Special Olympics Nova Scotia.

Special thanks to each and every plunger who helps us make Polar Plunge a success.  If you have a chance to see an athlete compete, excel, achieve, or just smile…know you are the reason WHY.


We hope to see you all next year.

NSLETR Polar Plunge returns March 28th

The ever popular Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Nova Scotia  returns on March 28th, 2020.


Join us at Parade Square in Halifax for that amazing twin-slide into a pool of frosty water, more great prizes and costumes sure to delight.  Registration will be open soon, but for now….mark March 28th on your calendars. Plan to be a part of the nation’s largest growing Polar Plunge with your local LETR for a great charity – Special Olympics. #freezinforareason